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Backup And Recovery


There are generally two parts of data to backup

  • SeaTable tables data
  • Databases

If you setup SeaTable server according to our manual, you should have a directory layout like:

/Your SeaTable data volume/seatable/
├── ccnet
├── conf
├── logs
├── pids
├── scripts
├── seafile-data
├── seafile-license.txt
└── seahub-data

All your tables data is stored under the /Your SeaTable data volume/seatable/seafile-data/ directory.

SeaTable also stores some important metadata data in a few databases.

MySQL databases:

  • ccnet_db: contains user and group information
  • seafile_db: contains library metadata
  • dtable_db: contains tables used by the web front end



  1. Backup the MySQL databases;
  2. Backup the SeaTable data directory;

Backup Order: Database First or Data Directory First

Backing up Database

# It's recommended to backup the database to a separate file each time. Don't overwrite older database backups for at least a week.
cd /opt/seatable-backup/databases
docker exec -it seatable-mysql mysqldump -uroot -pMYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD --opt ccnet_db > ccnet_db.sql
docker exec -it seatable-mysql mysqldump -uroot -pMYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD --opt seafile_db > seafile_db.sql
docker exec -it seatable-mysql mysqldump -uroot -pMYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD --opt dtable_db > dtable_db.sql

Backing up SeaTable data

  • To directly copy the whole data directory
cp -R /opt/seatable/seatable-data/seatable /opt/seatable-backup/data/
cd /opt/seatable-backup/data && rm -rf ccnet logs
  • Use rsync to do incremental backup
rsync -az /opt/seatable/seatable-data/seatable /opt/seatable-backup/data/
cd /opt/seatable-backup/data && rm -rf ccnet logs

Setup automatic backup for dtable-db (optional)

available since version 2.7.0

Automatic backup can be enabled for dtable-db. It will take a snapshot for each base and upload to the dtable storage server. See configuration options in


Restore the databases

docker exec -i seatable-mysql /usr/bin/mysql -uroot -pMYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD ccnet_db < /opt/seatable-backup/databases/ccnet_db.sql
docker exec -i seatable-mysql /usr/bin/mysql -uroot -pMYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD seafile_db < /opt/seatable-backup/databases/seafile_db.sql
docker exec -i seatable-mysql /usr/bin/mysql -uroot -pMYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD dtable_db < /opt/seatable-backup/databases/dtable_db.sql

Restore the SeaTable data

cp -R /opt/seatable-backup/data/* /opt/seatable/seatable-data/