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Log files of SeaTable server

The SeaTable logs are under /shared/seatable/logs in the docker, or /Your SeaTable data volume/seatable/logs in the server that run the docker.

  • ccnet.log: logs for internal RPC, not useful
  • dtable-events.log:
  • dtable-server.log: logs for dtable-server
  • dtable_web.log: logs for dtable-web
  • gunicorn-access.log:
  • gunicorn-error.log:
  • seafile.log: logs of Seafile server
  • slow_logs: Slow request logs, which can be used to debug performance issues
  • monitor.log: Monitor logs, can auto restart the unexpectedly closed server
  • init.log: Logs for docker initialization script
  • dtable-db.log: logs for dtable-db
  • dtable-db-error.log: error logs for dtable-db
  • dtable-db-access.log: query log for dtable-db
  • dtable-db-slow.log: slow query log for dtable-db

Log files of Nginx server

The Nginx logs are under /shared/nginx-logs, or /Your SeaTable data volume/nginx-logs in the server that run the docker.

  • dtable-web.access.log
  • dtable-web.error.log
  • access.log
  • error.log